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written by J.M. Northup

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A mysterious friend reappears in the lives of cousins Hannah and Jenna, and revives a haunting past. Tragic loss and prejudices lead to a search for answers about ancient myths that thrive in the Snoqualmie Valley of Washington State.
Does modern science hold the key, or does the truth lie in something supernatural? Heartbreak and hope encourage an unlikely romance while drawing out the darkness of unexpected enemies.
Can the strength of their bond protect the friends from a fearful future?
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written by Marnie Cate

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What makes a vengeful woman?
Add the following ingredients:
Dead Father
Monstrous Prince Charming
Trail of Tears
Deceitful husband
Stew over hot flames and watch the pot boil over!
They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and Caitlyn’s cheating husband deserves the most frigid imaginable. Suddenly, a surprise element effects the recipe, and Caitlyn is forced to make a choice. Which is more important – the vengeance she plans to serve or the healing she craves?
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