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FELINE FASCINATIONS: The Adventures of Boris and Olga
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99¢ Time Travel Adventure!

written by Sahara Foley

If you love dystopian tales with action, then you should grab your copy of this novel by bestselling author Sahara Foley to

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When runaway teenagers Don and Janet pull off a mountainside road just outside of Albuquerque for a few hours’ rest, they don’t expect to wake up 1000 years in the future, in a world they can’t recognize.

There, Earth is a desert planet where nomadic tribes are little more than slaves to the Ganu, the powerful and dominant ruling tribe.

When the young couple is befriended by a small tribe, and Don is hailed as their mythical and prophesied savior, the young couple must use all their cunning and resourcefulness to defeat a powerful, cruel enemy and save the lives of their new friends.

This time travel, dystopian novel has elements not suitable for young children or readers adverse to violence. If you like a good David-meets-Goliath fantasy story, then this is the book for you!