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This month features book reviews by J.M NorthupSahara FoleyKaren  J MossmanTheresa Hulongbayan, and James J Cudney.  In addition, there's a book review from Marnie Cate.
Author interviews with the renown TV host, interviewer, and author, Bill Boggs as well as  author and coach, Kristina Rienzi.
C.K. Dawn is featured in our book spotlight along with some great FREE and 99¢ ebook promotions, pre-orders releasing in August, and hot new releases available now for purchase!

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BOOK REVIEW - The Power of Love

The Power of LoveThe Power of Love by Karen J. Mossman
J.M. Northup's rating: 5 of 5 stars

*A Cute Fairy Tale For Modern Readers*

I like fairy tales. I love magic. Therefore, I greatly enjoyed this short story.

Everyone who knows me, both as a reader and a writer, knows I prefer more lengthy works. I like details and intricacies. However, I felt Karen J. Mossman pretty much nailed this one. It wasn't too short, nor too long - it was perfect. The three bears would be proud (yep, hanging with the theme LOL).

There are idyllic features true to all fairy tales - a king and queen, beautiful turreted castle, a dark secret, an irresistible call... There are interesting twists I didn't expect. Though I wanted to delve deeper into the characters' back stories, this was well-paced and entertaining. I remained engaged from cover to cover and was moved by the relationships depicted.

This is a fun read, which I definitely recommend.

Book Lovers Day - Let's Celebrate!

There are four skills considered essential for learning language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Of course, without language, you couldn't have culture.  Language is considered a basic element of humanity, believe it or not.  Isn't that all the more reason to celebrate literature - the art of reading and writing?

J.M. Northup loves how https://nationaltoday.com/national-book-lovers-day/ said it: "Books help us understand each other, feel less alone, and put our complex emotions into words."

Every August 9th is a day for bibliophiles.  No one remembers how, why, or who began this celebration, but aren't we glad they did?

Whether you are headed to the bookstore or library to observe this fun day, or pulling a novel from your shelves or downloading an ebook on your favorite reading device, enjoy yourself.
Here are some titles you might find interesting:

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