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I'm ready, I know I am, but… should I? It was the question he worried the most about; feared even. My visions show things working out, but that doesn't mean much. I know from experience that I can't trust the reliability of my premonitions.

And it was true; knowing the supposed future didn't offer any guarantees. If anything, it complicated things. Decisions could alter the outcome, changing how a premonition was “seen” compared to how it actually unfolded in reality. That didn't mean the vision would be prevented, just modified. Sometimes, even with good intentions, a person could make a situation worse by trying to tamper with it. This was a flaw in his foresight; a flaw that Adam understood all too well.

Have faith,” he whispered encouragement to himself. “Trust in the Creator.”

Adam delayed only a second longer before traversing into the uncertain future, crossing the hidden divide; the fabric separating worlds. He moved from the shadows that paralleled the town, where unseen lives existed alongside of unsuspecting, oblivious people. With his seemingly mundane act of taking one step forward, he effectively walked from myth to reality.

Indie Insights with Marnie Cate - Episode 1-3

Indie Insights With Marnie Cate

If you haven't watched an episode yet, please do.  Marnie Cate's Indie Insights have fun, informative, and entertaining interviews with some amazing Indie Authors!

Character Quote - Blanche Drygen

Written By Marnie Cate

"My Mother sold her soul to the Goddess of Winter, and Mine along with it."
                                                          - Blanche Drygen, ENVY


Cover Reveals

Covers We Aren't Changing

As we are re-editing our novels for re-publishing and re-marketing under our label, Norns Triad Publications, we are making decisions about covers.  As we prepare to release each updates or NEW book, we will post a cover reveal. 
As these covers are not changing, I thought I would post them now.
We would love to hear what you have to say about the covers, so please, leave a comment below - THANKS!

A Modern Publishing Company

Authors, J.M. Northup, Marnie Cate, and Sahara Foley are excited to announce their publishing collaboration,

Each of us began our literary careers as self-published Indie authors.  Eventually, we joined the small press, CREATIVIA.  Now, thanks to the flexibility of the industry, we've branched out to publish under our own brand!
NORNS (pronounced 'norms') TRIAD PUBLICATIONS is a partnership between the three of us.  With the support and guidance of some amazing (not to mention bestselling) authors, such as Alaric Longward and Simone Beaudelaire, we have taken the plunge into our exciting new adventure.  It is, truly, a balance of talents converging to provide quality products to our readers.
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