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For the cat-lover in your life,
we are running a fun promotion for Hug Your Cat Day!
FELINE FASCINATIONS:The Adventures of Boris and Olga
is on SALE for only 99¢ through Kindle Countdown Deals
from June 1st until June 8th, 2018!

Sale PRICE Available ONLY in US and UK:
Purchase Link: http://mybook.to/FELINE_FASCINATIONS

Boris, a stray kitten rescued from the city streets, finds his forever home on the farm of his dreams!
There, with his sassy older sister, Olga, they explore the farmstead and all it has to offer. Through the antics and adventures of these two adorable cats, you’ll meet an array of animals, both wild and domestic. Among the interesting characters are Boris and Olga’s silly brother, Charlie the Dog, and their friends Gus the Squirrel, Charlotte the Horse, Zeke the Mallard Duck, and the Holstein Heifers, Betsy and Ellie Mae.
You will learn alongside Boris as he is taught about his new life. You will get the chance to discover farm activities, including how hay is made and the process of milking cows, and amazing facts, like why birds migrate. You will be able to hunt for frogs, climb a Christmas tree, and even go to the vet.
Come discover the things that fascinate a feline and experience it through the eyes of the cat himself!
This chapter book is designed to teach children about animals and the world around them, targeting ages 6 to 13. It was devised to help children to have empathy for all living things while finding a realistic acceptance of nature. Some things are happy and humorous, while others are not. Educational and entertaining, this collection of feline adventures is an enjoyable read for children and adults alike!

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