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5-Star Review of CHASING CAITLYN by Marnie Cate

Book Review By Joe Compton of GoIndieNow

Customer Review

October 28, 2018
This book is so well written, so engaging, with a clear distinct voice and very prominent message. It is a story
that could have easily slipped up and become a "woh is me" cliche but the author does a tremendous job,
not only pivoting your perspective and surprising you at several turns, she also defines these turns with a precision
that makes complete sense and draws you in. 
I think this is a great reading opportunity for anyone raising a young man. Yes you read that right.
This book does a very good job of pointing out that situations and livelihoods will never truly change
until we reach the young men and give them a true perspective on what damage they can do, even if its
nonchalant and fairly innocent from their eyes. Beyond the message this is a well paced story that has you
zigging and zagging when you least expect too. While I love Thomas as an ancillary character and his role is
important, Jack is someone who I aspire to be in my everyday life and he really is the most well rounded character,
besides Caitlyn herself of course. 
There are some shocking elements, turns, and scenes that may not appeal to everyone but beyond that lies a
fundamentally true to life story that is told better than most of these I have ever read or even heard about.

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