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A missing couples report and a mutilated body. Two years apart, same house. Coincidence or something more sinister?
When Lt. Flynn lands a missing couples case, he finds no evidence of anything amiss. There are no signs of a struggle or foul play. The only clue lies in a dog-eared notebook, but is it true?
Two years later, a mutilated body is found in the same residence. Lt. Carter is assigned the case, and now, he’s faced with a life-altering decision. Can he afford to ignore the evidence that Sgt Alvarez reveals to him – the same evidence that led to his partner’s disappearance?
How many people will die before Carter brings the truth to light? Who will believe in the existence of a genetically manipulated monster? Can he convince anyone that it lives in the basement?
“It Lives in the Basement” is a 2016 Readers’ Favorite Finalist in the Fiction – Fantasy – Urban genre

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