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Excerpt from TALLY: A Polyamorous Romance

A Romance Novel About FAMILY & LOVE!

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Lex had been encouraged by the initial data he stumbled across.  However, that had quickly turned to disappointment when he discovered polyandry was essentially illegal everywhere in the world.  Was it practiced?  Yes, especially in areas where resources or women, themselves, were scarce.  Still, popular opinion was conclusively against it.
There was a time when polyandry was accepted as the norm.  This custom was prevalent in antiquity, and was even practiced among Native American tribes.  Unfortunately, in modern times, it seemed to survive only in Tibet and tribal cultures of Africa in the form of fraternal polyandry.  And, though technically illegal, it was only tolerated due to necessity.
Lex scrubbed his face with his hands before dropping them onto his desk.  It seemed we had things figured out in the beginning, only to let our egos push us into the dark ages.  He shook his head, briefly closing his eyes, before reaching for his mug.  Where’d the preposterous notion that multiple wives were able to handle sharing a single man, but multiple men were incapable of sharing a single woman come from?  From the same place homophobia was spawned, I’m sure.
He snorted with disgust.  I can’t believe people actually think men are incapable of caring for a woman with offspring from another man or various husbands.  After all, this ideology is proven wrong daily.  I mean, how many divorced parents are there in the world?  A step-dad can, and does, provide as much as a biological father.  How does that differ from having two male parents?
Taking a sip of his coffee, the thought of children dominated his mind.  Well, if I married Tally, she’d become an Ackerman like Kode did, and we’d all have the same last name.  At least, that would make things a little easier for our child.  Lex snorted, and said aloud, “As if their parents having different last names would really be the reason our kid would struggle.  Oh God, are we being selfish?”
Suddenly, Lex felt crushed by worry.  Is it unfair to bring someone else, particularly a child, into this craziness?  After all, we all know how difficult it is to be different.  Have we not been persecuted for our lifestyle choices?  His breathing grew more shallow and rapid.  I don’t want anyone to feel the way I have, especially not my own baby.

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